6 Pro Tips to Help You with Your Ecommerce Websites Design

The ecommerce websites design is essential for converting your visitors into sales! Here are 6 pro tips that can help you with your website design!

When it comes to launching and running a successful online store, it is the little things that are most important and can make all the difference.
Attention to every single detail when it comes to ecommerce websites design is an essential part of a professionally done, well-structured, and modern sales process that sellers all over the world spend thousands and thousands of dollars on each year trying to make it better and almost perfect.
From improving your sales funnels, to optimization, to website security, to product bundling, the customer shopping experience is everything in the online retailing world.
We will provide some of the best ecommerce website design tips that will help you decrease the number of missed opportunities on your website and increase your sales: 

  • Minimize your clicks to purchase – 18 years ago or in 2000, Amazon has invented and patented one-click buying to avoid the typical shopping cart forms. This was a perfect move as it has minimized the number of clicks or steps a customer was required to undertake to complete the purchase. When designing your shopping cart or when choosing an ecommerce website template, you should aim for no more than 3 steps to complete the buying.
  • Offer “Account” and “Guest” checkouts – It is really annoying when you are visiting a website to be forced to sign up for an account to proceed with buying. We all know it is important to get the email account of your customer, however, it should not be at the risk of losing that customer during a sales funnel as this can be done later in the future. There are many customers who want to make one-time purchases without signing up.
  • Provide product review option – When your visitors reach your checkout, you surely don’t want them leaving your website for any reason. It is a great idea to offer a link to any item you sell making sure they open up in a new window to make sure there is no chance of your visitors to leave the checkout page. This effective tip is really a smart way of keeping your visitors focused on buying a product and making a payment. Read more on how to create a powerful content management system.
  • Include promo codes – There are so many examples of online sellers who have used all kinds of promo codes to attract new buyers. Why wait for the visitors to come to you, when you can list the promo codes on special websites such as RetailMeNt where you can get your name in front of a huge audience. When using the promo codes on your website make sure you keep track of the codes you’ve listed and that there is an expiry date on each promo code.
  • Make sure you have a postgage strategy – One of the end considerations your customers will make before buying a product is how much postage they are going to ay. If your potential buyers notice they can purchase the exact same product for a cheaper price online and the cost of postage makes it more expensive, the sale will be abandoned.
  • Offer multiple payment methods – Your customers will expect a credit card option, however, they will surely want to see other options as well. You should at least offer them a chance to pay with PayPal, Bitcoin, and AfterPay.

What other ecommerce websites design tips do you find useful or effective? Please let us know in the comments below.

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