First Post


This is going to be a place of great fury sometimes, that’s just how it is when your favourite team is The Toronto Maple Leafs.  Frustration levels had been at an all time high at the end of last season, which as we all know was yet another losing one…joining the list of losing seasons that seems like it just never ends.  Even when it does end and the promised land of the Stanley Cup playoffs was reached, there was always a way to tear the hearts out of this loyal passionate fanbase.

This past off-season saw Team President Brendan Shanahan hire a new coach in Mike Babcock and a new GM in Lou Lamoriello.  The start of what I feel in my heart will be a successful rebuild, this one feels different, this one feels like everyone is taking notice.  You have to respect this management team.  Respect is something this organization had lost so long ago and i’m so happy for the first victory in my eyes…that finally this team is going to garner some respect!Leafs banners

I’ll be using this space to sound off on my favourite squad…hope you enjoy it!

Author: Steven

About me is more like about us! I'm a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan that has been waiting my whole life for the chance to celebrate victory with a Stanley Cup win for my favourite team.