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Sorry everyone, i’ve been MIA on this blog just due to some personal biz.  That out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.  Not alone did the Leafs end in last place, as per my last post.  They actually had Brendan Shanahan’s luck of the irish as they won the first overall pick in the NHL draft and took future stud #1 centre Auston Matthews.

New Leaf Auston Matthews

Just winning this lottery not only elicited an outpour of emotion from Leafs fans coast to coast but it quite literally changed the the landscape of the Atlantic Division and potentially the entire Eastern Conference.

Moving forward this organization just seems to be flushed with top shelf NHL calibre talent.  Matthews along with blue chip prospects William Nylander and Mitch Marner should all interlock together to form the top two lines on this team for the foreseeable future.

The entire division should be on notice because not only are the Maple Leafs on the rise with the cupboards stocked but so are the Buffalo Sabres.  Adding Kyle Okposo to go with Jack Eichel, O’Reilly, Reinhart and Ristolinan plus the drafting of William Nylander’s younger brother makes Buffalo dangerous now and in the future.  Look out Bruins and Lightning, your time has come and I think within 3 years the Leafs and Sabres will be playing hockey in late May with the Eastern Conference title on the line.

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Season is almost here and i’ll be updating throughout the season with my thoughts and non-expert analysis!





They actually managed what I considered impossible upon the hiring of Mike Babcock.

The Toronto Maple Leafs managed to finish dead last in the NHL and have the best odds at 20% of winning the number one pick in the 2016 NHL lottery.

Leafs Draft day logo

To be honest, for a last place finish this season was MUCH more enjoyable than the last couple of disasters and….18 wheelers thanks to Burkie and Co.

We have some fine pieces in this franchise for the first time in recent memory.  Players that are all the more important because the Maple Leafs are actually developing their own talent!!!… Absurd as that would seem in this city where trading away prospects and first round picks for aging veterans was common place.  Owen Nolan and Brian Leetch anybody!!

Players all around the league got their start with the blue and white only to flourish elsewhere.  Players like Alex Steen and Tuuka Rask who were shipped out for Lee Stempniak and Andrew Raycroft respectively!

I see very few situations that would entice the Leafs to move Rielly, Kadri, Nylander, Marner, Soshnikov, Hyman and the list goes on.  Add in a top 4 pick in the draft and this team is setting up to be a threat in my humble opinion.

For now I will wait patiently for April 30th to find out exactly where my beloved Leafs are picking.  Hoping for Pick #1…but I would be thrilled to grab number two overall if that means Patrick Laine will be on the receiving end of some dirty Mitch Marner or Willy Nylander passes.

My boss is a good guy, he promised me a night off to celebrate if the Leafs win the lottery and i’ll definitely take him up on that.  Weather is getting warmer and it’s time for this guy to get back to work installing sprinklers for the summer.  Check out our website that my boss Daniel just set up. it’s and if you need some sprinklers tell them Steven sent you!!

Until next time when we find out where the Leafs pick and i’ll give you my top 5 players I hope the Leafs draft in the first round.

If I had my way this off season!


Hey guys, i’m back with some more thoughts about my favourite sports team on planet earth, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

leafs logo

This article is just my dream wish list for the off season.  Not saying this is even remotely possible, simply what my ideal off season would be for the Maple Leafs.

First and foremost I hope the Leafs win the draft lottery and select Auston Matthews.  Second as has been well publicized I would love to see Steven Stamkos as the next Captain of the Maple Leafs.

After those additions I think the Leafs need to find a legit #1 goaltender.  Perhaps a guy like Fredrik Anderson could be an upgrade on Jonathan Bernier and comes from a winning franchise In the Anaheim Ducks.

With the rumoured addition of Nikita Zaitsev from The KHL and his top 4 potential I think the D will be set next season.

My final addition is one that nobody has spoken about.  That is adding a player who will possibly be a Unrestricted Free Agent in Milan Lucic.  This is the type of player this young team could use.  Big, strong, powerful and most importantly he is INTIMIDATING!

The young Leafs roster is filled with skill.  Mitch Marner and William Nylander could benefit greatly from having some protection wearing the blue and white.  Modern day enforcers virtually are non-existent.  Lucic is arguably one of the toughest guys in the NHL and on top of that toughness and intimidation he can also score 25 goals a season.

Well that’s it for this edition, as I said this is very much wishful thinking and just posting my ideal off season for my favourite team.

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Does the rebuild end this summer?


It’s been a busy time to be a Leafs fan lately.  We went thru the latest trade deadline without making a deal on deadline day.  However the weeks leading into the deadline spoke volumes.  Gone were the likes of Dion Phaneuf, Shawn Matthias, Roman Polak and James Reimer.  Coming in well quite frankly more futures.  More picks, more prospects and most importantly there is now more cap space.

Cap space in today’s NHL is a valued commodity.  One commodity the Toronto Maple Leafs hold alot of stock in right now.  I look and see a team now with too many draft picks and too much free cap space.  Something has to give.  I can see the picks being packaged up to move up in the draft, but I have a few other ideas of how they may be used as well.

The Leafs can make offers on restricted free agents now and if they are forced to give up draft picks to compensate the former team for the signing of their RFA.  The Leafs could theoretically pay out picks for a player and still have more picks than any other team in the draft.

Cap space obviously would also allow the Leafs to be bug players in the Unrestricted Free Agent market and well.  You have to look no further than Steven Stamkos to see why Leafs Nation is collectively licking their chops.

Thinking about the potential of pairing Steven Stamkps with the potential of adding #1 prospect Auston Matthews in the draft you would have a one-two punch at Centre that could rival any other team in the league.  Couple that with the skilled wingers like William Nylander, Mitch Marner, Connor Brown, Nikita Sosnikhov.  You have some high powered potential to your offence.

This would allow the Leafs to use Nazim Kadri and his high level skill set to roam free as a third line offensive centreman.

With Rielly and Gardiner on the blueline along with the rumoured addition of Zaitsev from the KHL the blueline is also rounding into shape.

If these moves come into fruition there is still one very massive hole that needs to be filled or the Leafs will surely be in last place again next year, that of course is the need for a bonafide #1 starting goaltender.

Who knows when that will happen OR where it come from.  Stay tuned folks!

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Will this logo lead to the promised land??


leafs logo

This symbol is the new and in my own personal opinion improved main logo for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Entering into the centennial season in the NHL, the Leafs have chosen to undergo a rebrand of sorts.  Taking the plain, flat and boring logo of the past decades and scrapping it for a modern take on the old classic logo that teams from the 1960’s and earlier used to wear as they hoisted Lord Stanley’s Cup high above their heads.

This new symbol is meant to deliver hope that with this crucial rebuild underway, that our team on the ice can bring back the proud respect and heritage of the Leafs logo from days past.

The future seems bright to me with this team having some top level prospects in the pipeline.  (Hello Mr. Nylander and Mr. Marner)

The Toronto Marlies are currently the class of the AHL with the top record in the league and an offence that is lighting the lamp on a nightly basis.  The question moving forward is can these players make the jump from the minors to the NHL level and deliver the goods?

There will be at least one more young staple of the future to be added at this years entry draft…with a record number of picks the leafs are sure to have a couple tricks up their collective sleeves on draft day as well…

Thanks for stopping by my Leafs spot, I hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll be back soon to give you my take on the Leafs current position in the standings….cough, cough…Last!!

First Post


This is going to be a place of great fury sometimes, that’s just how it is when your favourite team is The Toronto Maple Leafs.  Frustration levels had been at an all time high at the end of last season, which as we all know was yet another losing one…joining the list of losing seasons that seems like it just never ends.  Even when it does end and the promised land of the Stanley Cup playoffs was reached, there was always a way to tear the hearts out of this loyal passionate fanbase.

This past off-season saw Team President Brendan Shanahan hire a new coach in Mike Babcock and a new GM in Lou Lamoriello.  The start of what I feel in my heart will be a successful rebuild, this one feels different, this one feels like everyone is taking notice.  You have to respect this management team.  Respect is something this organization had lost so long ago and i’m so happy for the first victory in my eyes…that finally this team is going to garner some respect!Leafs banners

I’ll be using this space to sound off on my favourite squad…hope you enjoy it!